Your New Mantra

Believe it... Live it...Own It

Creativity goes beyond the pencil and the brush. Creativity is your unique and  original exploration, expansion, expression of your imagination.  

Even if you are not “an artist”, you are creative. You are creative because you  are the only person that can add your gifts to the things that you create.


You  are creative because only you can express your ideas and greatness with the  world.  

When you allow yourself time to do what makes you happy these are possible side effects: 

  • Being in the moment

  • Enhance self-awareness and expression 

  • Feel a sense of freedom 

  • Get to know yourself, what you like and don't like

  • Expand your thinking 

  • Express thoughts and feelings 

  • Explore Connection with self and those around you

  • You are not being a perfectionist your are in process


Hollis Citron



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Explore Possibilities...Express Self...Expand Thinking

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