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My company mission is all about expanding the " societal" definition of creativity beyond a pencil and paintbrush and empowering adults to own their talents that come in many different forms.

Express Yourself Publishing House is all about giving people a voice to tell their stories, own their talents and find the joy in the moments of each of our movies, this thing we call life. 

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Best Selling Author Opportunity

Elevate your business and your beingness by becoming a best selling author

Why A Multi Author Book You Ask...

  • All you have to do is write

  • My team takes care of editing, formatting, cover design, uploading to Amazon, helping to get to #1 status on Amazon in at least one category

  • You do not have to think about content for a whole book.... just 3000 words, not so overwhelming

  • You have a supportive community, you are not alone in the process: Private FB group and access to help

  • Networking is available and opportunities beyond the book to grow your business or expand your awareness of others ventures.

  • This naturally results in cross promotion and collaboration opportunities

  • Benefit of having the other contributors sharing excitement about your book all over the world.

  • Turn around time is generally within 3-5 months from idea to Amazon... quick

  • You will still have plenty of time on your hands still to devote to the things that you value most highly while we handle all of the details of creating your bestselling book.

All of this for the investment fee of $1000... bargain 

If you are ready to set yourself up for major growth and opportunity in this way, then the next step is to complete the application linked below.  

Can't wait to connect with you!

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You AreReady to be a #1 Best Selling Author

So excited that you are here to share your story with the world! It will be such a ride!!! Glad you are here