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     Why Creativity?

The name of the company applies to every person and is a mantra to be instilled, " I Am Creative".

Here are some reasons that it is helpful to discover your creative outlet.

  • Problem-solving: you will make mistakes and make decisions in the process

  • Connection with self and community

  • Feel an expanded sense of time (when we are in the zone, lose the sense of time)

  • Enhance self-awareness and expression

  • Feel a sense of freedom: permission to explore and express self

  • Huge stress reliever!

  • Expand thinking

  • Express thoughts and feelings


If you're feeling

  • A Lack of Time for you

  • Stifled

  • Stressed

  • Bored

  • Lonely

  • Disconnected from Self

  • Removed from others

  • Unhealthy

  • Stuck 

  • Unfulfilled

Then Creative Expression 

  • Time for you

  • Ease

  • Being in the moment

  • Confidence

  • Better Relationships

  • True happiness

  • 10x Productivity

  • Discover true purpose

  • Energy

  • Inspiration

Creative Box of Possibilities & Zoom Classes

We are taking it online

Companies big or small ( go to Art in a Box Link in Menu):

This is a great space to

  • Connect with self and others

  • De-Stress

  • Take some " Me Time"

  • Problem solve in a non threatening space

  • Express yourself and show individuality


Friends Time Together: This is an opportunity to 

  • Hang out with each other

  • Try something new 

  • Express your talents

  • De-Stress

  • Laugh

Boxes or Bags of supplies will be provided with everything down to the tablecloth!

They can be arranged for drop off or mailed. 

Zoom Lesson(s) will be arranged and you get to create from the comfort of your own home while hanging out with others. 


There is a menu of projects to choose from and we can customize the boxes also based off of specific interests.

Call or email and we can work out all of the details! It is meant to be easy and stress free!

Gorgeously Abled

“Have you ever enjoyed something so much that when you are not able to visit that sight you miss it? Ever since Hollis Citron began her business I AM Creative, I have been taking her daily questions and really thinking about them. Like “How am I going to be creative today?” inspired me to work on my needlepoint. 

Last Saturday, September 29th, Hollis held a workshop called “I am Creative” where we were given a piece of paper and had to describe ourselves in a positive way. She provided us with different types of materials from magazines, buttons, and quotes, to crayons and paint and markers. 

The purpose of the workshop was to help us look at ourselves in a different light. For instance, instead of my being disabled due to my being in a wheelchair, I call myself Gorgeously-Able, and with the help of my husband was able to express my awesome abilities on my paper. 

Ok, now for the negative part of the day. I wish that there were more people attending and that we had more time. The time just flew by. 

But honestly, everyone needs to take a moment, and read Hollis’s questions, think about them and share their input, and don’t forget to watch her blogs, they are really done from her hear, and they can inspire your life in a great positive way.

Leanne B. : Cherry Hill, NJ

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Explore Possibilities...Express Self...Expand Thinking

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