We Are All Creators
Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Accountant, Lawyer,
Social Worker, Day Dreamer or a Seeker of Connection
We all tend to get busy and run around forgetting to breathe 


When life gets busy do you notice:

  • You are not laughing as much

  • You get annoyed with everyone and everything more. 

  • You are not talking to the people that really make you feel good very often

  • You are not taking care of your body, nourishing yourself and making healthy choices. 

When is the last time you did this?

These are just a few examples of activities we can do for ourselves to enhance:

  • Self Expression

  • Connection

  • Expansion of our minds and thinking

  • Opportunity to Explore materials and concepts 

  • And nurture ourselves!




As Adults we tend to get caught up in our lives and forget what we REALLY ENJOY!

Are you

  • Starting a new business

  • Stuck in a routine of what you have always done

  • Have been dreaming of doing SOMETHING different but not sure what... 

I have a solution for you!

 You will slow down, quiet your mind connect with your inner child and feel expressive. 

​​When you are chilling out, playing, doing something that relaxes you by yourself or with others, it is a meditation with our eyes open.


When in the flow you are more open and ideas will come to you naturally. 

Science has proven that when in a state of flow, basically doing something we enjoy, something that makes us happy, the prefrontal cortex the area of doubt and inner critic goes quiet. 
we are not so frightened, ideas flow naturally, willing to take risks

Let's change your world

1. Creative Box of Possibilities Experience Kit: This box has 2 hands on experiences for you that have all of the materials you will need, you do not have to think about it. You will also have access to how to videos on how to use the materials along with written directions. You will also get a goodie inside that box that is all about self care and really creating "You Time". $150/Kit 

Which kit are you feeling? You will find the link for purchase in my store: 

1) Box of Play: Art Projects & Games for Generation X

2) Vision Cards/Journaling/Black Out Poetry

3) Smashing Mosaics/Mini Sculpture Creations

2. Customized Creative Box of Possibilities Experience Kit: There will be no other kit like this. You will answer questions to gauge interests and have a one hour call. Here we will explore the possibilities and come up with a box that fits your interests and will light a spark in you to express yourself.  $375

  • Message me and I will send you a calendar to pick a date for coaching session,

3. Creative Shui package: I created a system that is broken down into 7 quadrants. When these areas are addressed the highest result is JOY/LOVE. Who doesn't want that?

    You get

  • (4) 1 hr. coaching calls to explore these quadrants 

  • Creative Box of Possibilities Experience Kit that is very specific and specialized especially for you: $1500

  • Contact me to book your sessions so we can get started. 

4. Creativity Shui Deluxe Package:

We do a deep dive into the quadrants. 

   You get: 

  • (8) 1 hr. Coaching calls

  • Creative Box of Possibilities Experience Kits that are made especially for you based off of your interests.  $3000 

  • Contact me to book your sessions so we can get started

This is all delivered to your doorstep and done from the comfort of your home. 

Let's Do This...

Imagine Taking Time for You ... AHHH feels good!


Hollis Citron





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Explore Possibilities...Express Self...Expand Thinking

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